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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waiting for the Unknown to Take You Back

I've been in Kauai the last week and am heading to Maui tomorrow. I've spent much of my time here meditating on beaches. There is a moment when one stops watching the water flow and becomes the water flowing. There is a moment when the light dancing across the water's surface becomes the shimmering of one's own essence. Each day, I sit until this moment reveals itself to me.

Sometimes it comes in an instant, as soon as I allow myself to notice. Sometimes I reach the hour mark before this mind of mine surrenders to a view that is something other than a conditioned way of encountering experience. However long it takes, I wait. There is no hurry. There are hills to mount, trails to hike, sites to see, friends to dine with, dances and tennis lessons and so on, but there is also time to wait.

It always comes. It never fails. There is only the question of how long we are prepared to wait for such a simple thing -- for nothing special at all, just the ability to perceive in a more authentic way again. Just a breather from the habits of our conditioned minds and the illusions they bury us beneath while lying to us that we have seen something real. I do not wait to see what is real. I cannot see what is real. I wait simply for a break from the illusion that the unreal is real. I wait for the space of unknowing to drink me up, call me back, and end me.

It is always worth the wait, however long it takes to experience one's true self. Then how long can we rest there and remain as Truth embodied? Ahhh. This is the work.



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