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Health & Wellness Products That Work
Health & Wellness Products will enhance your life enjoyment. But which ones are effective and which just pipe dreams? Allow me to help you sort through what to get and what to skip. I'm always on the lookout for great new products and I only share what my friends and I keep using.

A favorite product among my group of friends is a high power juicer. The top of the line juicer, the Vitamix, costs around $500 and believe it or not, that is a reasonable price for it. Instead of buying ice cream, put ice cubes and a freshly peeled orange into a Vitamix with a couple drops of stevia (for natural calorie-free sweetening), and in one minute you have, presto, orange sherbet!

$500 seems like a lot for one product, but think of how much you spend on health insurance in just a couple months. (Heck, add up how much you spend on Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry's in a year!) Health prevention investments are not yet in fashion, but you must be ahead of the curve. Do the real math and you'll see that it is actually pretty cheap. You will eat better and be healthier. And you can sometimes find a Vitamix on sale at Costco for as little as $389!

The most impressive product I've tested for review is the bio-photonic machine. The best known of these machines may be the Rife Machine, or the V.I.B.E. Machine. The Novalite 3000 is the latest model. I was hearing a lot of hype about these machines for over a year and despite how outlandish the claims seemed, decided it was time to give it a try.

Though the woman who facilitated my session with the V.I.B.E. machine spent a considerable amount of time talking to me about the machine and related subjects, the actual heart of the session took only 10 minutes. She did muscle testing (applied kinesiology) first to see how long I should sit with the machine and we got 5 minutes as the answer. When she first turned the machine on I was immediately affected, so much so that I had to move back a little further from it (recommended distance is 3 feet) and at one point turned my back to it. After 4 minutes of treatment (which takes 8 minutes, since the machine cycles on and off in one minute increments) I had had enough.

It is hard to say much about physical health effects after just one session, as change within the physical body generally takes some time, but psycho-spiritually the experience truly was like sitting in the presence of an enlightened master. Anyone who has ever had the fortune to meet a spiritual teacher such as Ammachi or the Dalai Lama will know what I mean. And it really felt like that. In fact, after I left I went into town to shop and everyone seemed somewhat entranced by me. As I hugged my friends hello, they each seemed to start a little then smile. I didn't mention anything about my session, but in retrospect I think I may have been passing on a little of my buzz.

I cannot at this point say for sure what the bio-photonic machines are doing, but I can attest to the fact that they definitely have an effect. They are doing something, and it feels really amazingly good. I was uplifted for days and each time I sat in meditation for the following 5 days or so I felt my energy continuing to shift and expand throughout my entire chakra system. I would highly recommend the machine to those who meditate or do yoga, with the caveat that you must not allow yourself to become addicted to these machines and dependent on them for producing the effects automatically that your meditation builds over time.

Meditation practice gradually liberates you from your selfish, turbulent, destructive mental conditioning, helping you develop in terms of virtue and peace of mind, as well as giving you experiences of harmonious energy states which are blissful. The machine only takes care of the last of these, harmonious energy which is experienced as waves of bliss.

What happens once the machine is no longer available if you depend on an outside source as your spiritual "practice"? You have no real spiritual development then, only the memory of bliss. You will be unable to bring your energy back to that state on your own any more than you did before ever encountering the machine. True spiritual practice causes you to build skills you can rely on under any circumstances. The ability to harmonize your own energy, as well as purify your negative karmic habits of grasping, aversion, and delusion, is the benefit of true spiritual development.

To be blunt about it, the woman who facilitated my session was a real nut case. She was hyper to the point of being unnerving and a control freak to boot. The machine was obviously giving her an experience of continual elation and expansiveness, but it did nothing to help her overcome her psycho-emotional imbalance. Do you want to be a blissful nut or truly advance with your practice so that bliss comes naturally, as well as wisdom? So use the machine as a supplement to your practice, but never forget that there is no quickie product for actual spiritual development.

Lastly I want to emphasize the difference between the effects of the bio-photonic machines and the effects of something like the Journey to Wild Divine game mentioned at the top of this page. The game actually trains your own mind to be more concentrated. It helps you improve your meditation skills and that effect continues even when you are not using the game. That is a distinct difference from the bio-photonic machines, which basically just provide the euphoria that comes with the harmonization of energies without training the mind to harmonize its energies itself. I don't want you to settle for quick fixes. Get the support you need to make lasting change and you'll have the best of what technology has to offer. But try out one of the bio-photonic machines for an eye-opening experience.

If there is a particular health & wellness product you use and love that you would like to help other people find, let me know and I'll check it out.

This page was last updated: 6/18/2009

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