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Come sit with me and let us feel into these things that have troubled you. What has blocked your light from freely expressing itself in this world? What is needed now for you to move past the inner obstacles that keep manifesting in your external reality?

Journey with me as we tap into the wisdom of your inner guidance so that you can begin living a spirit led life, one that carries you from miracle to miracle, with greater clarity, vitality, confidence and joy. Using a combination of energetic transmission (akin to a Reiki energyworker initiation within the Medicine Buddha tradition), guided meditation and skillful inquiry, we will work together to genuinely transform your life in accord with your soul purpose.

Though a single CAIR Counseling session will have a major transformative impact on your life, the work is best done within regular weekly or monthly sessions. You will also be taught skills you can use on yourself each day, and you will see the greatest results if you at least do this self-directed intuitive work at least once each week.

Initial sessions will center your sense of self around your true spiritual center and accelerate the transformative energy flowing in your life. Subsequent sessions will help you integrate the increased energy and centered perspective so that the transformation is a more balanced one that doesn't include upheaval and the distracting stress that can occur when people try to shift too much all at once. Additional sessions will keep the flow of energy building, but within a harmonious framework, as we continue tapping into your own spirit guidance and making the unconscious, conscious. Through our work together, your natural self will be revealed in all aspects of your life and you will truly feel like you are living the path you came here to live.

The work can be done either in person or by phone. In-person sessions tend to focus more on energetic work and phone sessions tend to focus more on emotional processing and intuitive guidance, but all sessions include elements of both.

Indigo Ocean, MA is the author of Being Bliss and the founder of the Phone Buddies Peer Counseling Community. Over the last 16 years, she has helped hundreds of clients from NY to Hawaii, including work with teens and older children, and is newly offering sessions in the San Francisco East Bay area. Call only if you are ready to let go of the “story of me” you have defined yourself by all these years and open to a new way of being.

What people are saying about CAIR Counseling with Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Counselor, Indigo Ocean

"I was fortunate enough to have a session with Indigo and it was great! When I returned to my office I felt very refreshed, clear minded, peaceful and happy. I recommend her services to any and everyone."
• Bernadette Colmenero
Administrative Specialist

"My session with Indigo was subtle, yet powerful. I experienced a myriad of emotions: a sense of searching, relaxing, being filled with light, visceral images, color, awakening. I left buoyant, cleansed."
• Naomi Tamura,
Director of Volunteers, Maui AIDS Foundation

"The energy was like nothing I had experienced before. I kept feeling like I was lying down even though I was sitting in a chair. It seemed as if my entire body was moving. When I left everything seemed to glow and people were responding to me very differently. Everywhere I go now people seem much more welcoming to me than I was used to experiencing. Since I have a serious illness I thought I went there looking to lengthen my life. Instead I found a new life."
• Karl D.

"My therapy sessions with Indigo Ocean were an incredible experience that reenergized my mind-body-spirit connection. I would highly recommend Indigo Ocean to anyone interested in having a blissful life experience."
• Michael S.

"If you have experienced Indigo's powerful transmission directly you know, as I do, that she is a genuine embodiment of bliss, and therefore potently qualified to initiate us into 'Being Bliss'...."
• Kathryn Masters Darling
Founder, Motherwavework and Soulwave Institute

"When I decided to try Indigo's counseling I was nervous and kind of scared because I never had anything like that done before. But before Indigo even started, I could feel her energy and I wasn’t scared anymore; I was relaxed. She talked about my spirit guide and I was amazed .... It really blew my mind. At the end of the session, I was in tears. It really, really touched my heart. It really felt good."
• Carla Ayala

Frequent comments:

"I finally feel like myself again."

"This is exactly what I needed!"

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You can also read articles by Indigo Ocean on Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Support, and the Spiritual Journey in general, on the Indigo Ocean blog. Namaste